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Tony P. (
Tue, 28 Dec 2004 17:37:53 -0500

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> Fred Atkinson wrote:

>> Can anyone on here tell me what the standard bit size that is used by
>> telephone installers to drill the holes for running standard, four
>> pair telephone wire through (like drilling a hole through the
>> baseboard into the floor to pull the wire in to wire a jack mounted on
>> the baseboard)?

> I have a 5/8" spade bit, 6 feet long with a 6 foot extension. Spade
> bits are easier to aim, IMO, than twist bits. Standard caveats apply
> wrt knowing what's ahead of your bit :-)

> I also have a "shorty" that's only 18" long, for special occasions.

5/8" seems huge. You can get CAT-5 through a quarter inch hole so I'd
recommend a long quarter inch bit. The 5/8" would be good for dropping
cable from the pole into the house but that's about all.

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