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Re: Review: E-Mail Program Lacks 'Wow' Factor

T. Sean Weintz (
Thu, 23 Dec 2004 16:53:52 -0500

Lisa Minter wrote:

> By ANICK JESDANUN, AP Internet Writer

> NEW YORK - The Firefox browser has become an instant sensation, in
> just a few weeks gaining impressively against Microsoft Corp.'s
> market-leading but malware-beleaguered Internet Explorer.

> Security experts worried about IE's flaws and vulnerabilities have
> recommended Firefox. Others, myself included, were impressed by its
> innovative features.

> The team that put Firefox together, Mozilla Foundation, now offers a
> free standalone e-mail application, called Thunderbird. But this time,
> the case for switching from Microsoft products is less compelling.

> I just can't see too many people abandoning Microsoft's Outlook, if
> they use it. Outlook is the gold standard in e-mail programs, despite
> its $109 list price. Among other things, Thunderbird lacks a
> calendar application, and its tools for sorting your incoming messages
> are rather rudimentary.

> If you're happy to sacrifice features for something free, anyone
> running a Windows operating system already has Outlook Express.

> So why bother with Thunderbird?

> In some ways, Thunderbird is more powerful than Outlook Express.

It's also more stable and more secure. It doesn't fall prey to the
exploits that allow viruses to spread so easily from Outlook. Also,
try opening a very large IMAP folder in Outlook or Outlook Express
(one with say 50,000 messages in it) - both apps will completely choke
and freeze up. (as will most email programs -- eudora, "the bat", etc)
Thunderbird handles these with no problem at all.

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