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Re: Cell Phone Motorists Are Dangerous

Thomas A. Horsley (
Sun, 19 Dec 2004 13:34:38 GMT

Actually, I think the point is moot now. From my own unscientific
survey, I am the only person in the world driving without a cellphone
stuck to my head. It has been years since I have seen anyone on my
daily commute along I-95 in South Florida who wasn't on a cellphone
(maybe the non-cell users all have that heavy window tinting or
something :-).

Oblivious behavior is not confined to drivers either. There is this
one student waiting for a bus every day along the route from my house
and not only is she always on a phone, but 90% of the time she has
managed to wander out right into the middle of the road to stand and

I've been thinking of starting a comic book "Cellphone Girl" where the
hero foils crime without realizing it by blundering into things while
on her cellphone :-).

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