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Lots of Free Domains Without ICANN Tyranny

TELECOM Digest Editor (
Sat, 18 Dec 2004 02:02:03 EST

I notice that in addition to .tf domains, one can also now get free
domains in the .tc and .ms domains under the same terms as the
original .tf domains. That is, auto, unvalidated registration, free
forever, using redirection to any other site you want it to go to.

For 'ms' domain names, go to to sign up.
For 'tc' domain names, go to to sign up.
For 'tf' domain names, go to to sign up.

For and, and you do have to pay
$5.00 for a two year registration, but it is a totally automated
process as well, and these also redirect to wherever you wish. Yoy pay
the $5.00 fee (one charge gets you up to four domain names)and these
turn on immediatly upon set up); these are also redirectors to
wherever you wish, and can be passworded or not as you wish. You pay
the five dollar registration fee for and and
using a PayPal account. These three are all based out of Australia,
but like all 'org' and 'net' domains, they *are* subject (I suppose)
to ICANN tyranny. So you may wish to go with ms, tc, and tf which are
not only free, and easy to use instant signup/registration, but no
ICANN supervision. Other than 'tf' which was explained to me as the
Antarctic area of the Indian Ocean, I have no idea where 'tc' and 'ms'
are located, but they are free, with remote registration, and
redirection as well as incoming email, etc.

Just a reminder, I was notified by John Levine that he will be doing
some work on his machine this weekend and as a result, may be unreachable some of the weekend. If you try
to reach us, and cannot get through, then try either of these which
bypass John: or .


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