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John Levine (
17 Dec 2004 03:35:59 -0000

> Then how about SBC? I always heard SBC advertisments mentioning about
> Cingular Wireless. Please advise more ...

That story did a rather poor job of explaining what the problem is.

Cingular bought AT&T Wireless. Since it takes a while to merge the
operations of two big companies, for the moment AT&T Wireless is still
operating as AT&T Wireless even though it's part of Cingular.

That's so EXCEPT in a few places, like the part of Oklahoma where the
article was written. For anti-trust reasons, they sold some parts of
AT&T Wireless to Alltel. So in those few places, AT&T Wireless is
really Alltel. AT&T Wireless did a lousy job of telling the customers
in those areas to ignore all the ads, you're really Alltel customers

If you were a Cingular customer before, you're still a Cingular
customer. If you were an AT&T Wireless customer before, you're
probably a Cingular customer, except in a few areas where you're an
Alltel customer instead. If you're an AT&T Wireless customer and
you're not sure, I'd suggest calling 611 from your cell phone and when
you get a human ask "is this Cinglar or Alltel"?

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