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Re: Is 'Transitional Fair Use' the Wave of the Future?

Patrick Townson (
Thu, 16 Dec 2004 14:18:02 -0600

C.W. ( responded in this thread on Wed, 15
Dec 2004 14:17:32 CST:

> <> wrote:

>> Topic drift alert.

>> Not that that ever happens here in the -> TELECOM <- digest.

> Or is it now the Telecom-Computer-Hacker-Legal-WiFi-Television-
> Automobile-Etc News Feed Digest?

Right on, C.W.! I am glad you understand what is going on here.
It is *all those things* (except for the automobile part), but the
hassle is, the Digest software I use is so old it would require
a lot of work to get all that in the title; my software is so
obsolete that all my scripts would have to be changed to use the
*entire title* before the word 'Digest', so to avoid having to
rebuild all my scripts I just stick with the seven letter word
'TELECOM' which makes it all hold together just right. As a courtesy
to the people who wish to read telecom news, I do run a liberal
amount of it in each issue, and even more of it in the TD-Extra
pages daily on our web site. Trouble is, C.W., I fell asleep at
the switch when the issue before this came out, and I could not
think of a witty, snotty Editor's Note to answer you back with at
the time, but I hope this delayed response is good enough.


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