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Re: Strange Wireless Problem

William Warren (
Wed, 15 Dec 2004 14:32:55 GMT

On 13 Dec 2004 13:36:47 -0500, Rich Greenberg <>

> In article <>, Matt B.
> <> wrote:

>> Hello all,

>> I'm having a strange problem and I hope you can help ... A few
>> co-workers are using wireless-enabled laptops. They are able to
>> receive e-mail from the POP3 server, but are unable to send. They get
>> the error "The server has timed out ... might be server problems,
>> etc.." If they plug in to a wired connection, it works fine.
>> Everyone is using Outlook 2000 or 2003. It doesn't matter where they
>> are using the wireless connection -- at home, at the office, at
>> great-grandma Edna's ... it all does the same thing ... and we are at
>> a loss! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

> This is just a WAG, but the SMTP server may be set up to not accept
> incoming wireless connections, or to accept them only on a different
> port than the usual 25.

I'd guess that the laptops are associating with wireless access points
_OUTSIDE_ the company where they work; i.e., that they're able to
retrieve POP mail because the POP server is accessible from anywhere
on the Internet, but that the SMTP server they are reaching is
(correctly) rejecting their login codes, since it's not at your

I suggest a NetStumbler scan to find the nearby access points: you'll
probably find serveral in nearby firms that you've been using by
accident. You may either set your own access points to use
encryption, or program the laptops to associated _only_ with the
SSID's on your network.



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