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Re: Will the Sprint/Nextel Merger Bring the End of Motorola?

Joseph (
Tue, 14 Dec 2004 23:04:50 -0800

On Tue, 14 Dec 2004 07:02:43 -0500, John Stahl <>

> Just like the phrase often heard: "The check's in the mail." The oft
> used of late in most every merger and/or acquisition, phrase has been:
> "This acquisition or merger will have absolutely no effect on operations."

> This phrase has been shown to be, in almost every case, untrue as the
> reports all indicate!

Well, considering that iDen phones which is what Nextel/Mike uses is
only a fraction of the phones that Motorola manufactures and that they
manufacture for TDMA, GSM and CDMA technologies as well I think your
"sky is falling" scenario is a little premature. Even now Motorola is
or was the second largest handset manufacturer in the world.

> As a side note, one might also wonder as with the recent announcement
> from Cingular that quite a large number of (redundant?) AT&T Wireless
> workers will be let go, how many Nextel workers will be getting pink
> slips from Sprint?

And why do you assume that all the "pink slips" will land at Nextel?
Some Sprint folks may find their positions redundant also.

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