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Tue, 14 Dec 2004 13:02:09 -0600

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> Cingular and AT&T Wireless are migrated, does it mean they are one
> company?

Yes, but two networks. ATTWS uses TDMA primarily, with a few pockets of
GSM, where Cingular is all GSM-based.

> But how come there are advertisments saying current AT&T
> Wireless customers can migrate to Cingular?

That is, trade in their old TDMA phone for a GSM phone, or even their old
attws GSM phone for a Cingular GSM phone ... This is, obstensibly, because
Cingular has "many more features" on their phone programming, but really
just represents what they want to do with their spectrum.

> I am confused, and don't know how the telecom business works.

I suspect if you knew how it worked, you would be even more confused ;-)

> Please advise.

If you live in a rural area, or travel in/through rural areas, stick
with your TDMA phone until they pry it from your cold, dead hand. If
you are just in big cities, changing won't hurt you, since the
coverage for the GSM service is much better in the bigger cities. The
goal is, supposedly, to provide GSM coverage everywhere TDMA coverage
was over a two year period. But as long as I can get signal in lots
of places where my wife's GSM phone is dead, I'm sticking with TDMA.

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