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Telecom Terms

Venkat (
Wed, 15 Dec 2004 00:46:04 +0530

Hi All,

I am new to telecom and I would appreciate if you people can give me
definitions of each of the following terms (I am not looking for
expansion of acronyms, but some explanation), and their use and also
some real world examples where it is used, you can also point me to
some good sites.

Analog Telephony

Telephone ----- ?
Local Loop -----?
Void Switch
CO(Central Office)
PBX(Private Branch Exchange)

Telephone Signalling
Supervisory signaling
DTMF : Dual Tone MultiFrequency

Foreign Exchange Trunks
FXO : Foreign Exchange Office
FXS : Foreign Exchange Station


Loop Start Signalling
Ground Start Signalling
Wink start
Immediate start
Delay start

Digital Voice Technology
Analog versus Digital
Digitizing Analog Signal
Digital to Analog Conversion process
Voice Compression Techniques
G.711, G.729 etc

Channel Signalling Types

Digital Channel Signalling Types

TDM : Time Division Multiplexing

Q.930/931 Messages
Q.SIG Protocol

I understand its a lot of work, but it should prove a real source of
information for a beginner.



[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: For starters, 'tele-phone' is a combin-
ation of 'phonic' which has to do with hearing, and 'tele' which
refers to communication or transfer of information. 'Tele-gram' is
made up of two parts, one of which comes from 'grap' or visual
inspection of 'tele' or the transfer of information. If something
is 'very graphic' it means it is 'a lot to look at'. So when you use
a 'telephone' you communicate information by hearing and speaking; when
you use a 'telegraph' you communicate information by reading.

But what you may wish to review for many terms used in telephony and
computers in general is to look at and
review the dictionary and acronymns files therein. That's not complete
either, but a good start on many terms. PAT]

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