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Re: Unlimited Calling Plan to India
12 Dec 2004 15:45:27 -0800

Thanks for your suggestions.

I knew about the first option [SIP phones isn't it?] I will be
calling all over India not just one number. I am using @10cpm but a
reliable service.

I am surprised to learn that there is not even one company that is
providing unlimited international calling plan.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: *Assuming* (big assmuption, I know)
that local calls within India are reasonably priced and you can get
them (in bulk or otherwise) for less than 10cpm, why not consider
part of the other suggestion which was made: Install a computer and
a Vonage or other TA at a *trusted source* in India along with a
call-extender. Have the call-extender pick up the Vonage line when
it rings and extend new dial tone (from India) to you in the USA
and make the equivilent of a 'local call' from your source in
India to wherever. Again, assuming the cost of the local call
(within India) plus the VOIP charge, plus the computer for the
other end, etc. eventually will work out to less than 10cpm. PAT]

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