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Spammer with a toll free number and really big BALLS

Shlichter1 (
12 Dec 2004 18:51:18 GMT

The following number and address were on a Spam that I received.

I called his number and was really surprised, I got him and his
comment was there was an optout, there was not, beside who in their
right mind would give a spammer your e-mail to let him know it was
good. The slim even called me back, he must have real time ANI.

Let him know what you think about Spam, let your friends also know.
Give your local pay phone operator a boost in money since with all
these Cell Phones he is not making as much.

The only good spammer is a dead one!! Have you hunted one down today?
(c) I Kill Spammers, Inc. A Rot In Hell Company.
Apple Elite II BBS will return.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I did *not* edit this message and
remove the phone number, etc. Steve did not give us any phone number,
although I looked everywhere for it including my trash basket. PAT]

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