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SIM Saver Backup and Copy Unit for GSM Cell Phones

Marcus Didius Falco (
Fri, 10 Dec 2004 22:00:12 -0500

I hesitate to send you this, since it is a commercial notice. However,
it does address a common issue that I have seen people ask on some
lists. I have no commercial relations with this site, except as a
(non-paying) reader of his newsletter.

There are related articles on the site, and the fellow also unlocks
some GSM cell-phones.

What is the biggest hassle if you lose or change your phone?

Copying over -- or recreating -- all your contact information is the
biggest hassle for most people.

This ingenious and inexpensive SIM Saver Backup and copy device can save
you much time and inconvenience.

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SIM Saver Backup and Copy Unit for GSM Cell Phones

An easy and affordable way to backup and copy the information on your
GSM phone's SIM card

The compact SIM Saver is wonderfully easy to use -- simply press the B
button to backup a SIM card and the R button to restore the
information to a SIM card.

You backup your computer data, don't you? Well, so too you should
with your phone. And if you're changing wireless providers (eg from
AT&T to T-mobile) you'll need to copy all your phone book data from
one SIM to the other.

Here's a very simple, easy, and inexpensive way to back up, copy, and
transfer the phonebook data off your GSM mobile phone's SIM card.


The SIM Saver Backup and Copy Unit is a very compact and lightweight
device. It measures 1.75" x 1.25" x 0.5" and weighs 0.5 oz, including
a short chain and key ring.

Operating the unit couldn't be simpler -- there are two buttons, one
for backing up SIMs and the other for restoring them. A single light
indicates when the unit is reading to or from a SIM card.

The unit is supplied complete with the three tiny mercury batteries it
uses pre-installed, and has a simple short instruction card that
clearly tells you how to use the unit.

The unit has a full one year warranty.


The SIM Saver unit is very easy to use.

It has no need for an On/Off switch -- you simply insert a SIM card
and then press the appropriate button.

You almost don't need to read the instructions -- all you really need
to know is graphically shown on the top of the unit. It shows you
which way to put the SIM into the unit, and then the button next to
the arrow pointing into the unit with the letter 'B' is to back up the
data off the SIM and into the unit.

To restore data from the unit's memory and onto a SIM card, you press
the button next to the letter 'R' and the arrow pointing out from the

The LED lights up while the unit is copying the data between the SIM
card and itself, and turns off when it is finished.

This unit is vastly simpler to operate than the SIM Backup 500 unit we
reviewed before. There is no need to bother about passwords or
multiple commands or anything more complicated than the two buttons
and one light.

Backing up takes about 40 seconds to complete. Restoring takes about
the same time as backing up.

We use our unit primarily as a spare copy/backup of our main SIM card,
holding all the phonebook data from the SIM card in the unit's memory,
just in case we ever lose the phone or SIM card. This stored copy can
also be useful if we damage the SIM card itself, or if we need to copy
data from one SIM to another.

Although the unit comes attached to a key ring by a short chain, we
don't keep ours with our keys, but instead in our top desk drawer.
The chances of ever needing to do an emergency copy/restore are very

Compatible with all GSM phones and their SIM cards.

The unit will work with any SIM card from any GSM phone, from anywhere
in the world. This makes it particularly helpful when you have
multiple SIMs -- a SIM for the US, perhaps several prepaid SIMs for
elsewhere in the world, and a global roaming SIM as well. You can
easily copy and transfer your phone book data between all the
different SIM cards.

Note that your phone must be a GSM phone, with a SIM card, for this
unit to be able to help you. In the US, most phones supplied by AT&T,
Cingular, and T-mobile are GSM and SIM based. Most phones supplied by
other wireless companies are not.

Helpful Hints

I find I only use the unit once every few months, when I remember to
update my backup copies of SIMs I have. And when I do need to use it,
I often can't find the instruction sheet.

So that I don't forget the instructions, I've taped a summary sheet of
instructions to the back of the unit. You might want to consider
doing the same thing.

Because I have several SIM cards with different phone directories, I
have labelled each SIM Saver with the name of the SIM card it has
stored inside it.

When you're adding phone numbers to your phone book, store the phone
numbers in full international format. Don't store local numbers as
only seven digit or ten digit numbers. That way, as you travel around
the US, the phone will always correctly dial the phone numbers, and if
you travel overseas, the phone will still know how to dial numbers.

Full international format means you start off with the international
access code (the plus sign +) then the country code, area code, and
phone number. So to save a US phone number, eg (206)555-1212, you'd
use this sequence +12065551212.

The unit will only work if you have turned the PIN code off on your
SIM, so be sure that you have done this before using it.

Battery Life

The three mercury watch size batteries have a life of at least two
years and probably more, and when they are nearly flat, the device
gives you a low battery warning (the LED flashes continuously).


The SIM Saver unit is inexpensive, and has a retail price of $19.95.

We like them so much we've decided to sell this unit ourselves.

Simply click the button below to purchase one or more (they make a
great gift!) using Paypal and charging to your credit card or bank
account. A single $2.50 shipping charge is added, no matter how many
units you buy. We'll also include our special instruction summary
sheet that you can tape to the bottom of the unit so you too won't be
stuck if you can't find your instruction manual.

And, if you do lose your instruction manual, you're welcome to ask us
at any time and download an online PDF replacement copy.

You'll get an invaluable accessory to simplify the management of your
cell phone name and number directory, and you'll be supporting The
Travel Insider at the same time.


This is an easy to understand and easy to use device that provides a
clear and valuable benefit if you have a GSM SIM based cell phone.


Originally published 28 Sep 2004, last update 28 Sep 2004

You may freely reproduce or distribute this article for noncommercial
purposes as long as you give credit to me as original writer.

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