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Great Long Distance
9 Dec 2004 20:43:19 -0800

Lightyear Alliance offers the cheapest long distance plan. It's

3.9 cents a minute out-of-state and 9.9 cents a minute in-state.
That's cheap than 10-10-220 and others like it. Even better, there's no
sign up fee, no minumum usage, and you only pay for what you use.
So if you never use it, you'll never get a bill.
Interested? Got to <>/

In the bottom right corner under customer, enter 294818 and then
select that you want long distance and follow the instructions from
there. All you have to do is make one long distance call, you don't
even have to talk to anyone. As long as they pick up, it'll be
activated. That's it. From there on out you'll have the best long
distance available. Enjoy.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: The rates you quote are *not* the
best I have ever seen. Vonage or other VOIP phones have better
rates many times. And with your plan, does Light Year Alliance
default your one-plus carrier to them, or do they use some
convoluted dialing string (ten or eleven digits, plus a PIN plus
the number you wish to call, or ?? Do you get billed on your
phone bill or through a credit card, or ?? Your message just
seems like any generic long distance plan, which are a dime a
dozen these days, all more or less the same price as yours. PAT]

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