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Re: Lingo Voip Isn't Really Cheap

Gordon S. Hlavenka (
Wed, 08 Dec 2004 12:11:10 -0600

John Levine wrote:

> I have a Vonage phone and like it OK, but I'm under no illusion that
> Vonage+broadband is cheaper than POTS.

I closed my business a couple of years ago but am keeping the phone
numbers in case I start up again. One of these numbers (630-832) is
in my local CO and the other (630-691) is not. So I have two lines in
my home: The local business number and my personal number. Through
the magic of Remote Call Forwarding I get the foreign number's calls
on the business line.

My bill (a separate account from my personal line) for the two business
lines runs about $50/mo.

So I'm thinking I can set up a Vonage account, port the two business
numbers to it and probably come out cheaper than paying SBC.

The thing is, I _have_ the broadband connection. I'm going to have it
regardless of whether I use SBC or Vonage for my phone service. So
the cost of broadband doesn't figure into the calculation.

Here's a tangentially related question: The Vonage/Linksys hardware has
two phone jacks on the back. Are these separate jacks? Can I register
two numbers on a single adapter and have one ring to the "Phone1" jack
and the other to the "Phone2" jack? I realize two numbers require twice
the bandwidth for simultaneous use (Duh, but many people seem to be
surprised by this).

Gordon S. Hlavenka
"If we imagined he could _find_ the car,
we could pretend it might be fixed." - Calvin

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