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Re: Treo 600 Internet Access

John Bartley (
Wed, 08 Dec 2004 14:58:18 -0500

On 6 Dec 2004, in comp.dcom.telecom <> wrote:

> I have a TREO 600 cell phone with Bell Mobility ... I also have a
> Rogers high speed internet account ... Neither Bell nor Rogers can
> explain the server pop 3 settings that I can use to access my a-mail
> account through the phone ... doesn't work
> ... doesn't work (suggestion from Bell tech
> support) ...

I suspect that suggestion, as Yahoo charges most folks for POP3

If you need POP3 access for free, and offer free
POP3 access. The former requires SSL in your mail app, but I think
your Treo 600 has that in your version of VersaMail. Either can keep
a copy of all e-mails and also forward them to your Rogers account,
so you can pick up messages at home as well as read them on the road.
I actually prefer the dual-mailbox system, so I can delete something
from my dub-ya and know it's still sitting in my mailbox at home. shows your POP3 and
SMTP server settings.... but does Rogers allow access to e-mail via
POP3 and SMTP form outside their network? Ask them before you go
further. If you hit a witless choom who doesn't know what POP3 is,
then go up a level.

You might also pose this question to other USENET newsgroups where
folks wh o have solved your problem hang out: comp.sys.palmtops.pilot
and alt.cellular.rogersatt

>> Is there any one to sync the cell so it gets me Rogers e-mail??? Anyone
>> can help me???

Syncing is not involved; it's an issue of POP3 access and configuring
for it, IF Rogers allows you to access it from the Treo.

John Bartley K7AAY

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