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Re: Lingo Voip Isn't Really Cheap

DevilsPGD (
Wed, 08 Dec 2004 04:00:33 -0700

In message <> John Levine
<> wrote:

>> LINGO may suck but in my opinion, VERIZON SUCKS WORSE. Any idea why
>> Verizon would charge me $68/mth (including taxes) for local service
>> when I can get more features from Lingo.

> Probably because Lingo only works if you already have a $40/mo
> broadband connection. I don't understand why people think that
> something they pay for every month is "free".

> I have a Vonage phone and like it OK, but I'm under no illusion that
> Vonage+broadband is cheaper than POTS.

Then you're mistaken. I already have internet connectivity, Vonage
charges me $19.95/months for my first line, and $14.95/month for each of
my two additional lines, the telco would charge ~$35/month for the
features we use (Call display, call waiting and voicemail)

Since I don't pay extra for the broadband connection, the actual cost
for those additional lines is $19.95+ 2x$14.95.

Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I have said this myself on a few
occassions. If you otherwise have broadband connectivity you use for
other reasons, it is unfair to dump the entire cost of same onto your
VOIP phone bill. PAT]

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