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Mix up; Some Stuff Lost in Processing

TELECOM Digest Editor (
Tue, 07 Dec 2004 23:00:00 EST

Tuesday was not a good day here. First off, massis crashed for some
reason; I had to get Noah M. to go in the machine room and reset it.
Then, once massis was restartd, a few pieces of email got mangled and
lost, through no fault of MIT. Just my bad nerves, I guess. So if you
sent email here between 2 AM Eastern and noon Eastern on Tuesday and
it was not printed here, then it is one of the pieces which got
lost, sorry. Please resubmit it. Then Vonage sent me a new Linksys
TA to replace the Motorola TA I was using. Because of my relatively
complex wiring it was not an easy swap out. I had to lay on my back
on the floor under the desk, and untangle a bunch of unmarked cables.
Between my NetGear wireless router, my hub and the new Linksys TA I
spent a couple hours getting it all put together. Then, one of the
ethernet cables turned out to be shorted somehow. Not a fun day, to
be sure. If you sent a message sometime Tuesday and it did not get in
this issue, please resubmit it with my apologies.

Also, remember to check out our extended news section on our web
site. It is located at with a lot
of additional telecom/computer/internet news from our wire service.


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