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Better Phone System

starrtelcom (
6 Dec 2004 07:32:43 -0800

I may be biased, but its sad to see so many companies and IT techs get
snowballed by the pitches from Avaya, Nortel, and Cisco - all of whom
have been in the telephony industry for years, but still have not had
the courage or the respect to truly cater to their customers and their

We will change that for you and we have for others. Televantage may not
be the most well-known product in the world -- but its been around and
its getting noticed -- -- I am a reseller of this
spectacular phone system.

Tired of the Avaya, Nortel, Cisco and other propietary traps that get
you sucked into dictating, expensive contracts? This may sound too good
to be true, but there is a better way -- We offer a
non-propietary, no-contract, open-source solution that allows the user
to dictate how they want the phone system to work and even allows the
user to change it to their specific needs, without a contract, without
being stuck to propietary equipment and without having to be a slave to
the schedule of a service tech. No kidding! No strings! Dont believe
it? Call me personally at 214-868-3549 to hear for yourself or visit us
on the web at We know that the other companies
have made similar promises, but we arent interested in just making good
on what we say -- we are wanting to change the telecom industry and the
way IT professionals view and use telecom solutions. Dont knock it til
you've tried it -- regardless of what you've heard or what the 'other
companies' want you to hear. We stand by our product and its promises.

Chris McLean

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