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Re: CA DMV Chief Backs Tax by Mile
3 Dec 2004 18:22:02 GMT

In article <>, Lisa Hancock
<> wrote:

> How would such devices handle out of state driving?

That's the point of the GPS device. Otherwise you could use a simple
digital odometer type device to measure the distance traveled.

> This isn't a problem just in California but in all states. We
> like to drive and that costs money, an awful lot of it.

Unfortunately, they're considering the same thing up here in Oregon,

I'm amazed that such things even get consideration, but governments
have a history of implementing things that would conceivably be too
expensive, complex or intrusive. Especially under the current

The loss of revenue might be less of an issue if gasoline taxes were
actually used strictly for transportation.

John Meissen
John Meissen
Think Logically / Act Intelligently / Question Authority

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