TELECOM Digest OnLine - Sorted: Spam! VoIP is the Future, Make Millions From It

Spam! VoIP is the Future, Make Millions From It

Brad McClain (
1 Dec 2004 12:13:07 -0800

Want to personally capitalize on a technology that hasn't yet hit the
masses? It's VoIP-Voice over Internet Protocol.

Be a part of Lightyear Communications, a full-scale telecommunications
company, a major distributor of VoIP, residential phone service, long
distance service, DSL, Dial-Up Internet, calling cards, and Wireless
Contracts with T-mobile and Nextel. A famous radio personality Rick
Dees and Chris Sullivan, the owner of Outback, Caraba's and other
restaurants, have personally invested millions in this company. If
they believe in this company so should you.

Get involved in an incredible compensation plan. Earn money from
monthly bills people are already paying.

Listen to this informative 5 minute recording. Toll Free.
1-866-313-8647 Interested? Contact Brad McClain at Lightyear website:

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Although this message, like about 80
percent of the net these days is *SPAM or SCAM*, I thought it worth
noting here, since VOIP 'referrals' (another name for sales) is what
I do. Oh, and I resell regular long distance as well, and directory
assistance. The only 'incredible plan' I know of in telecom is in
VOIP, and it is not all that great. I make 'referrals' on Vonage to
people and I do not have to wait for the folks to actually use the
phone and pay their bills to get my 'incredible compensation'. I get
paid up front from Vonage with 'next month free' credits and although
I do not figure on running out of that credit anytime soon, it is
far from an 'incredible compensation plan'. All these people he
names, allegedly investing millions of dollars (and implying that the
casual reader of his spam will earn the same kind of money by getting
involved) ... if anyone has yet to sign up with Vonage and wants to
do so, they will get an e-coupon good for a month of free service by
writing to me and asking. Write and
ask for a Vonage e-coupon. PAT]

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