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Re: Trial Shows How Spammers Operate

Steve Sobol (
Wed, 01 Dec 2004 11:36:57 -0800

Geoffrey Welsh wrote:

>> Bull. The screensaver is meant to be installed on a lot of different
>> computers that will be used to flood spammer sites with
>> traffic. That's the textbook definition of a DDoS.

> attack. I suggest that a DDOS attack is one which intends to fill
> either the publisher's bandwidth or its servers' connection tables
> with the specific intent of making the site unavailable to as many
> visitors as possible.

You're right. I failed to include that one part of the definition.

> That's why they call is Denial Of Service;
> anything which does not attempt to prevent views by others is NOT a
> DDOS attack.


> I have installed the screen saver and, if anything, I'm disappointed
> in how little of the available bandwidth it uses.

My guess is that one copy is not, by itself, supposed to generate enough
traffic to raise any red flags at the ISP. Internet & New Media Services,
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