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Internet Innovation Alliance: SBC's TipTOP Service Highlights

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Internet Innovation Alliance: SBC's TipTOP Service Highlights Need for
FCC Intervention

WASHINGTON, Nov. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- The SBC was recently admonished in
a strongly worded statement by FCC Chairman Powell for its efforts to
charge Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers higher access
fees. SBC has been overly aggressive in state regulatory battles and
has been acting in a manner inconsistent with statements made by the
FCC on the issue of VoIP and emerging technologies. Chairman Michael
Powell has made it clear publicly that he is committed to ensuring
that the FCC avoid any action that might slow the "IP-services

In response, the Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA), which was
formed in part to prevent the very type of legacy regulations being
levied by SBC, made the following statement:

"SBC's charging of higher fees to VoIP providers through its TipTOP
'service' is discriminatory in nature and is a dangerous first step
toward eradicating the vast array of benefits services like VoIP will
provide to consumers," said Larry Irving, co-chair of IIA. "VoIP
promises great consumer benefits provided it remains unburdened by
regulations and access fees, like TipTOP. SBC apparently missed the
memo or chose to ignore it in the face of larger profits."

"The SBC has sent an unmistakable signal of defiance to the FCC,"
continued Bruce Mehlman, co-chair of IIA. "Chairman Powell has been
clear that he does not intend to allow old copper-wire phone
regulations to be applied to the newest digital data networks. SBC is
picking a fight it cannot and should not win, and we expect the
Commission to continue driving innovation through competition and
non-regulation of VOIP."

IIA believes that for America to realize broadband's revolutionary
potential, federal and state officials must maintain regulatory and
tax policies that encourage innovations made possible by mass-market
broadband. IIA members include several VoIP leaders, including AT&T,, Covad, Comptel/ASCENT, CapNet and the Information
Technology Association of America. Other members include Americans
for Tax Reform and the American Conservative Union.

SOURCE Internet Innovation Alliance
Web Site:

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