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Share Day For December

TELECOM Digest Editor (
Wed, 01 Dec 2004 1:15:00 EST

Instead of changing the Digest mailing list over to an advertising
supported forum, I have always elected to keep it as a user supported
forum, and for the most part keep it spam and virus free. I have been
experimenting, not entirely successfully, with advertising through
Google on the web site, but not the mailing list. I am *only* able to
do this because of financial support from readers here, and if you
would rather not see these messages every month, then please pitch in
and help now and then! Consider it sort of like public radio, which
goes on for days at a time trying to raise money ... and maybe I
should adopt the same system. Turn over the entire Digest once or
twice a year to fund raising (entire issues, etc) and stop doing it
when the budget for the year has been raised. But for now, I will
stick with the present system of devoting a few messages at the end of
each month to raising money for the Digest publication expenses. Out
of 400-500 messages per month, in a spam, virus free environment, two
or three (only) devoted to fund raising. You know who you are; please
provide some help here financially.

You can use Pay Pal to donate with a credit/debit card by going to our
web site and at the bottom of the home page
look for the PayPal 'donate' button. Or if you prefer, send a check
or money order to Patrick Townson/TELECOM, Post Office Box 50,
Independence, Kansas 67301-0050. The amount you send is entirely up
to you. You know best how much you can afford and whether or not this
Digest has any value for you. Thank you very much.

Patrick Townson, Editor/Publisher

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