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Re: VoIP News Shutting Down

David Epstein (
Mon, 29 Nov 2004 22:55:33 -0500

VOIP News will be missed. I've truly enjoyed your coverage. Thanks
and come back soon!


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> 3. This service will be ending as of tomorrow (11/30/04)
> From: Jack Decker <>

> Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 18:34:34 -0500
> From: Jack Decker <>
> Subject: This service will be ending as of tomorrow (11/30/04)

> Friends,

> I'm sorry to say that I have decided to put VoIP News on hiatus until
> further notice. When I started the list, back in the spring, there were
> few sources of VoIP news. Over the summer, many new sources of VoIP
> news have sprung up, and I feel that many (if not most of them) do a
> better job of tracking the industry than I do.

> Also, I am just one person. I had hoped that maybe others would
> contribute items to this list on a regular basis, but that never really
> happened. In the meantime, the number of news sources available has
> increased, and I find that I am spending far more time looking at VoIP
> news stories than I used to, and am enjoying it far less. It used to be
> that VoIP providers were constantly coming out with new features, or
> adding to areas of the country to their service area, or otherwise doing
> things that made VoIP an exciting industry to report on.

> I am sad to say that the momentum seems to have slowed in recent months,
> and I see few announcements that really make me want to stand up and
> cheer anymore (meanwhile large areas of my home state are still unserved
> by any VoIP provider, as far as having numbers for incoming calls is
> concerned).

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I do feel VOIP is the 'wave of the
future' where telecom is concerned, and will attempt to fill this gap
in coverage by beginning to cover full time Voice over Internet stuff
here for anyone who wishes to participate. Incidentally, I have been
informed that the use of a slash mark '/' may not be agreeable to
many file systems or mail servers, so for header purposes we will use
'TELECOM-VOIP Digest' rather than 'TELECOM/VOIP Digest'. All the usual
features will continue, with Lisa Minter helping, but hopefully a lot
of new stuff as well. Do stick around! PAT]

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