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VOIP News Closing Down

TELECOM Digest Editor (
Mon, 29 Nov 2004 23:14:24 EST

As Jack Decker notes in another message in this issue, he is
essentially closing down the Yahoo group 'VOIP News'. Effective
December 1, 2004 this Digest you are reading now will be renamed
'TELECOM/VOIP Digest' and will include messages submitted submitted by
readers of Jack's Digest -- those who wish to participate here. You'll
see no basic changes here, just hopefully more issues of the Digest
each day to accomodate an increasing number of messages pertaining to
VOIP, which frankly, I believe is the telecom 'wave of the
future'. Lisa Minter will continue as an associate here, and as the
person maintaining the Yahoo group which will also be renamed 'TELECOM
and VOIP Digest'. We will continue to have the weekly Canadian news
summaries each Monday, the news summaries from USTA weekdays, the
summaries from Monty Solomon and our other assortment of writers and
features. I want 6to welcome the readers of VOIP News who decide to be
part of this newsgroup, and encourage their participation.


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