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International Fax From Vonage VOIP?

Hemant Shah (
Mon, 29 Nov 2004 16:02:30 UTC


I am having problem sending fax to India from a Vonage Fax line. I can
send fax to anywhere in U.S. and receive fax from U.S. and India. I
have a Panasonic fax machine. If I use the auto dial on my fax machine
it times out and goes into re-dial mode because it takes long time for
Vonage to make the connection. I also tried to dial the number
manually and wait for the other fax machine to pickup and press start
button, but it does not make connection.

Is there something I can do with Vonage setting or my fax machine setting
so I can send fax to India through Vonage Fax line?

This could be a deal killer for me. I want to get rid of SBC, but I
also need to send fax to India.


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