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Re: Bofra Exploit Hits The Register ad Serving Supplier

Robert Bonomi (
Thu, 25 Nov 2004 13:11:38 +0000

Does anybody else find the following to be inconsistent 'spin' ?

In article <>,
Monty Solomon <> wrote:


> Register restores ad service
> By Team Register

[[.. munch ..]]

> At a rough guess, the number of Reg readers exposed to the Bofra
> /IFrame exploit was in the low hundreds. ...

> During the period Falk's service was compromised -- between 6.10am and
> 12.30pm on Saturday, 11660 unique individuals using Windows and IE6

[[.. munch ..]]

> readers looked at three pages a pop. So that's around 35,000 pages in
> which the rogue ad could have been served. According to Falk, one in
> 30 requests for a banner ad were redirects to the site containing the
> bofra worm. If this is correct around 1,170 rogue ads were served on
> our site.

Is this some kind of metric measurement, where 1,170 is in the "_low_
hundreds" ?? <grin>

> We apologise again for exposing readers to this. We also urge readers
> using IE on Windows to switch browsers, at least until the iFrame
> exploit is patched properly.

[[ Microsoft has got to _love_ that kind of publicity. *snicker ]]

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