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Re: How Do I Learn an Unknown Number?

Paul A Lee (
Mon, 22 Nov 2004 16:08:11 -0500

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> Anyone know how I can retrieve a phone number for a line that=0D
> I have recently discovered within our business.

Hook up a butt set or a phone set you have lying around and call your
cell phone. Read the CPN from the display.

> SBC is our carrier but they tell me I would have to have=0D
> someone come out and trace the line at a charge.

If you know the location of SBC's demarcation point ("demarc"),
network interface device (NID, pronounced "nid"), or minimum point
of entry (MPoE, pronounced "EM-poe") serving your location, trace the
line in question back to that point.

If the phone number or circuit number is not legibly and accurately
marked there, then SBC is obliged to come out and so mark it without
charge to you. This is a repair issue, and a line that is not
identified at the demarc is considered a service problem on the
carrier's side of the demarc.

The only legitimate reasons they would have to charge you are if you
had them trace inside wiring back to the demarc, or if the demarc were
damaged or defaced even though it was under your control. If the
demarc is outside and accessible to others without your knowledge,
even a damaged or defaced NID is the carrier's responsibility.

If SBC gives you any static about it, let them know that you'll be
checking their claims with your state's public utilities or public
service commission. Find it through the following:

You may wind up at the bottom of their repair schedule, but they're
still obliged to show up -- within 10 business days, typically,
absent any weather emergency or disaster affecting phone service.

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