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Re: Where Did This Call Come From?

Juan Monico (
13 Jul 2007 08:39:27 -0700

Mr. Land wrote:

> Hi,

> I received a cellphone voicemail from someone (I think in Europe) in a
> language I can't identify. My cellphone voicemail service will give
> me the originating number, and I'm trying to figure out where it came
> from and what language it's in.

> The source number as reported by my voicemail is of the form:

> 349502nnnnn

> (I've left out the last 5 digits to maintain anonymity of the caller.)

> Anything I can find on the Web seems to indicate that the leading "34"
> implies the call came from Spain, but the language is definitely not
> Spanish.

> Can anyone help?

> Thanks,

Basque, spoken in north-eastern Spain is the oldest known language in
the world. It is unrelated to any other language, and is believed to
date back to the stone age. It may also have been one of the half
dozen regional dialects of Spanish. Some of them like Galician, don't
sound like Spanish at all.

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