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Re: Go on, Read the Rest of the Article; Tell Me What You Think

Barry Margolin (
12 Jul 2007 21:28:39 -0400

What the F*** is this? It looks like the random text that spammers
use to get their messages through bayesian filters. Isn't one of the
jobs of a list moderator to filter this junk from the rest of us?

And then PAT added editorial comments about Google's (lack of) customer
service -- what does that have to do with this?

In article <>,
courtyard <> wrote:

> Vision Airships Global Expansion!

> BANGKOK, THAILAND, Jul 09, 2007 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) - Vision
> Airships Inc. (PINKSHEETS: VPSN) - The company wishes to announce that
> it has finalized arrangements for funding for its global expansion.

> Check out the news and get on VPSN first thing Thursday!

> I mean, why else would you? Remove the sanding dust with a tack cloth.

> And I know this because I checked, like, a zillion different times in
> a zillion different ways. Now I can access my Google Reader and play
> with Google's other account-access toys without having to run extra
> browsers and get IE slime all over the place. Steps: Carefully study
> the hole. All is not perfect with this unusual shrub though.

> Make sure the frame is clean, dry, and well sanded. A taggable desktop
> is my pony. Confronting new ideas without sufficient preparation can
> be dangerous! Hey Google -- why can't you fix this? On every block
> there is a different bar with a different band, packed with kids
> dancing and generally getting smashed. It's a license to be a
> busybody. Thankfully mirrors open up a world of unrealized space,
> that's something to reflect on when you're decorating. Not only will
> you get a more realistic road crew experience, but you'll also find
> the asphalt easier to work with when it's warm and soft.

> I learned about the joys of asphalt repair when I was growing up in
> small-town Ontario.

> Step Two -- Fill That Baby Dump enough bitumen into the hole to reach
> half an inch higher than the surrounding driveway surface. And since
> there is no actual way to get past the Google Help house o'mirrors to
> talk to a real person, I've basically been pulling my hair out over
> this.

> These holes give homes a messy feeling, especially if they're at eye
> level. My Dad would call the town to report a pothole in front of our
> place. I have that dream too. Two that are burned in my memory are
> 'Country Dancer' and 'Carefree Beauty'.

> So my question is, would we die anyway, or is the process of reviewing
> ghastly repairs the actual cause of death? Hang the mirror as required
> then add a wood block behind the frame at the top of the mirror --
> forcing it to angle downwards. In July it puffs out with the most
> amazing pink flowers, like a confection from the CNE midway.

> But while you're driving over it, at least make the sound of a
> steamroller.

> The real mission of this trip was to attend a jazz festival and hear the
> incomparable Herbie Hancock.

> I learned about the joys of asphalt repair when I was growing up in
> small-town Ontario. The wheel never lies.

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: So you have learned, as have many of us
> that there is no such thing as a 'customer service' phone number at
> Google. Look all through their pages, and check out the limited number
> of 'contact us' entries shown; _very few_ of them have any phone
> number shown. And if you try boldly just calling directory assistance
> for that area in California you _can_ get a switchboard or general
> number for Google, but the people who man that line screen _all
> callers_ very closely, and keep insisting that you check out the
> online help pages, many of which are almost meaningless. Meaningless,
> that is, unless you wish to read about how you can be a Google
> 'partner' and the best way to organize your files to optimize your
> profits. Basically, all you can do is just keep reading and
> reviewing their 'help' files. I wish someone would provide me with
> a phone number (I should be so lucky if it was an 800 number) where
> a real, live, experienced person could look up your files and make
> simple changes. PAT]

Barry Margolin, Arlington, MA
*** PLEASE post questions in newsgroups, not directly to me ***
*** PLEASE don't copy me on replies, I'll read them in the group ***

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Please read paragraph six and in
particular line three (of that paragraph) quoted above: 'Hey Google,
why can't you fix this?' was the statement upon which my reply was
predicated. PAT]

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