TELECOM Digest OnLine - Sorted: American Values Urges FCC to Approve Sirius-XM Merger

American Values Urges FCC to Approve Sirius-XM Merger

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Mon, 09 Jul 2007 11:51:05 -0500

In a Letter to the FCC, President Gary Bauer Applauds Efforts of
SIRIUS and XM to Empower Consumer Choice

WASHINGTON, July 9 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- American Values today
called on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to approve the
proposed merger between SIRIUS Satellite Radio SIRI and XM Satellite
Radio (Nasdaq: XMSR), highlighting the combined company's "block and
rebate" offering and its benefit to American families.

"Especially important to our membership is the commitment the parties
have made to issue refunds to satellite radio subscribers who choose
to block adult-themed programming," said American Values President
Gary Bauer, in his letter to the FCC. "Like so many people, the
majority of our members do not want their children and families
exposed to programming they may find indecent or offensive."

With all of the indecent and violent programming bombarding American
families today, American Values applauds the efforts by XM and SIRIUS
to empower consumers who want to avoid such content. The merger will
benefit consumers by giving listeners more control when it comes to
programming content. Subscribers who are not interested in satellite
radio's adult-themed programming would have the ability to opt out of
certain channels, as they currently do, but would receive a credit for
those channels they blocked so as not to subsidize the programming
they found offensive.

The merger will also benefit consumers by making satellite radio a
stronger player in the audio marketplace. Not surprisingly, satellite
radio competitors like traditional AM/FM radio are keen to block the
merger, claiming it would create a monopoly that would have an
unchecked ability to harm consumers. This argument, many experts
believe, is based more on competitive fears than any realistic
assessment of the audio entertainment market.

"We believe that incumbent competitors should be forced to respond to
this consumer-oriented merger by making their own service offerings
more attractive, and should not be able to simply obstruct advances in
the marketplace in order to serve their self-interests," added Bauer.

American Values serves as a key voice for those interested in
protecting the core values of life, marriage, family, faith and
freedom. The SIRIUS-XM merger will make satellite radio a more
appealing choice for its members and consumers as a whole.

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