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Re: Early iPhone Buyers Trying to Sell Them OnLine at Big Markup

Steven Lichter (
Sat, 30 Jun 2007 13:48:21 GMT

Reuters News Wire wrote:

> Many people who lined up to be the first buyers of Apple Inc.'s iPhone
> made good on promises to try to flip the gadgets online at inflated
> prices, but a quick buck appeared out of reach for many.

> Auction Web site eBay had more than 400 listings for iPhones just two
> hours after the combination mobile phone, Web browser and music and
> video player went on sale on the U.S. East Coast.

> But the vast majority of offers failed to attract even a single bid,
> and many of those that had were not yet above the list prices.

> A handful of offers did draw enthusiastic bidding. One eBay auction
> had attracted 35 bids and a leading offer of $1,520. Another was up to
> $960 with 25 bids.

> The iPhone is available at Apple and AT&T stores in two models costing
> $500 and $600 depending on whether it has 4 or 8 gigabytes of
> memory. It requires a service contract from AT&T Inc. that runs at
> least $1,400 over two years.

> Online classifieds site Craigslist had 404 iPhone listings for New
> York City, with most seeking about $1,000 and one optimist wanting
> $10,000 from "collectors only."

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I talked to a tech friend of mine that works for Apple and he said
that his store in Calif. has plenty of them. When the store finally
closed the had sold over 300 of them and had plenty more in stock and
more on the way by today. People out there trying to sell them must
have thought that it was going to be another Game Boy thing.

Steve Jobs said he was going to give each full and part time employee a
free one next week, and they have a lot of employees, so there much be
plenty of them.

I have no interest in one, first it is GSM second the AT&T network
here has holes in it. I have been using Apple computers since they
came out and will continue to do so, but not the iPhone.

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