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Re: Telephone Multiplexer Failures, Power Outages, Firewall Risks
Thu, 28 Jun 2007 17:34:02 -0000

The Residential SLiC's that I was talking about are powered off of
Central Office (CO) 48V "Battery", and probably do not have batteries
in them? Therefore their high failure rates are not explained by
"battery problems".

I do not consider putting some generators at some cell towers the
solution, obviously this did not work in the Blackout of August 2003
when Senator Hillary Clinton had to discard all her cell phones, and
personal communications devices, because they stopped working
immediately, and queue up in line to use the Pay Phones. As far as I
know the Cell Switches have no generators, and what about turning the
generators on, and keeping them supplied with fuel? To solve this
problem, Cell Providers should come up with an alternate/separate
power generation system similar to CO 48V "Battery" used by the old Ma
Bell, the land-line carriers. Obviously they are refusing to do this.

The Long-line repairman who changed our discussion from computer
security to these issues also questioned my technical knowledge, but I
think it comes from different perspective of Telecommunications? As
some of this group knows I started building PBX's as a pre-teenager
with used steppers, LineFinders, Selectors, and Connectors obtained
from Canal Street, and also built Multi-Frequency Trunk-Tandem
Operator tone sets. Taught Telephony and Data Systems Technician
courses at Great Lakes. And was involved in the development of the
STU-III, Advanced Narowband Digital Voice Terminal (ANDVT), Unit Level
Circuit Switch (ULCS), and Unit Level Message Switch (ULMS).

Robert J. Perillo
Principal Telecommunications Engineer

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