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Re: Phone Multiplexer Failures, Power Outages, Firewall Problems

John Levine (
21 Jun 2007 21:17:22 -0000

> A quick and cheap fix for a small to medium sized business is to run
> the first two CO pairs up to the receptionist's desk, connect them to
> modular jacks and leave a couple of POTS unplugged under the desk for
> emergencies. I've done this at a couple places where I worked and it
> was greatly appreciated.

Since PBX trunks are usually ground start, do you have a favorite
doozit for getting a dial tone?



[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: My favorite method for this is install
a little push button on the phone tied into the tip side of the line
and the other line goes to ground somewhere. To bring up dial tone in
those situations, just press the button for a half second or so. I
knew about that trick when I was 12 years old and my uncle had a
Walgreens Agency Drug Store in Whiting, IN with a payphone in the
front of the store. The older style payphones required ground to start
dial tone, usually the ground was supplied when a coin tripped the
finger in the coin collection chute but ground could be supplied
anywhere along the line. At uncle's drugstore pay phone, I chose to
trip the ground from a two-line push button phone at the pharmacy
counter in the back of the store. PAT]

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