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Re: Remembering the Great Telco Fire, May, 1988

Ken Abrams (harvest_this@scum.suckers)
Tue, 19 Jun 2007 19:54:49 GMT

"T" <> wrote

> By 1982 I believe the #5 ESS was available. I'd imagine much of the gear
> in that office at the time of the fire was probably #1A ESS and #4 ESS
> for toll switching. A #5 ESS can handle both functions.

Indeed it was and indeed it did !

I don't remember much of the details of the fire since I was downstate but I
do remember two things:

The female Translations Engineer (and a few of her peers) who converted the
rating, routing and trunking translations from the old 1A to the new #5E in
about 48 hours ... a task that normally would have taken about 4-6 weeks.
A cute little thing she was! ;-)

I also remember all of the new and revised fire regulations that were
implemented a few weeks after.

The switch replacement was made somewhat easier by the fact that the
#5E labs and the factory both were just "right down the road" a bit.

Oh, and I also remember feeling relieved that it wasn't ME working (in the
remote alarm and surveillance center) that night !!!

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