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> The original 3-slot payphone, where coins dropping rang bells to
> indicate amounts, is now seen only in old movies. It was a very long-
> lasting design.

> In the 1960s the Bell System developed a replacement model that would
> be more efficient, suitable for automation, and more vandal resistant.
> It contained a single slot for coins and was in a boxy shape.
> Originally introduced in high demand locations, it eventually became
> the standard.

> Externally at least, the single slot phone offered by the baby Bell
> successors, looks the same. Many still say "BELL SYSTEM Western
> Electric" on some part. They have real mechanical ringers, not
> electronic.

> However, I presume the innards, even of basic models, are more
> advanced than that of the 1960s model.

> For the basic models in baby Bell service, would anyone know if there
> are significant changes from the 1960s version? Or, are they just
> using old units that they have a large inventory of?

> Thanks.

Those were known as Fortress phones and for good reason. Yes, they
still rehab old WE gear but now they just make them COCOT phones.

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