TELECOM Digest OnLine - Sorted: Internet Content Providers Urge FCC Not to Regulate Net

Internet Content Providers Urge FCC Not to Regulate Net

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WASHINGTON, June 15 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Three Internet content
and application service providers filed formal comments in response to
the Federal Communications Commission's Notice of Inquiry today urging
the Commission not to regulate the Internet by adopting network
neutrality rules. The Internet content providers, MovieFlix, Doctors
TeleHealth Network, and KinderStart differ from some other content
providers who think the government needs to adopt network neutrality

The MovieFlix/Doctors TeleHealth/KinderStart comments state, "there is
growing evidence that [network neutrality regulation] could slow the
deployment of the super-fast local broadband networks that are crucial
to continued growth of our industry. Evidence of this risk comes from
the cable, cellular, and telephone carriers who have begun to deploy
these extraordinarily expensive networks, from Wall Street analysts,
from telecom researchers, and from scores of companies that produce
the hardware and software products necessary to make broadband
networks work. If investment in local broadband networks were to slow
as a result of net neutrality regulation, the Internet content
industry would be hurt by forcing it to rely on existing and less
desirable network technologies."

The comments note that MovieFlix, Doctors TeleHealth, and KinderStart
are not alone among Internet content companies opposing network
neutrality regulation. They cite by name a number of other Internet
content providers whose public statements indicate that they likewise
oppose such regulation because they believe that such regulations run
the risk of harming the Internet industry as well as consumers and
future broadband network development. is an Internet movie download service. Its web address
is Doctors TeleHealth Network provides
real-time data and video communications between physicians and their
patients. Its web address is KinderStart owns a web search
engine at for information about parenting
and child care.

MovieFlix/Doctors TeleHealth/KinderStart

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