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Re: 'Dr. Phil Show' Gets Ripped Off by Con Artist

Linc Madison (
Thu, 14 Jun 2007 13:03:32 -0700

In article <>, PAT wrote:

> I do not know which I like better on the afternoon television lineup
> around here: Dr. Phil, Judge Judy or Jerry Springer. Maybe I will
> stick with the classical music programming on KOSU, along with the NPR
> newscasts.

Oh, but there are so many other choices: Star Trek on channel 42, the
afternoon political lineup on channel 43, King of the Hill and That
70's Show on channel 55, or even Golden Girls on channel 29. For talk
shows, you've got Ellen Degeneres on channel 13, followed by Oprah on
channels 6 and 9.

Failing that, there's always Al Jazeera English via the Internet feed.
You can watch the low-bandwidth feed for free at
E31A.htm (or click on "Watch Now" on the main page)

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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: We get all those shows you mentioned on
our own cable at our own time, etc. King of the Hillbillies is on Fox
Channel 3 following the Simpsons (America's favorite disfunctional
family) at 6:00 PM nightly. Oprah is on here in the morning on two or
three cable channels, mercifully not all at the same time. Among the
cartoons such as King of the Hillbillies (as I call Hank Hill and his
friends) and the Simpsons, my favorite is probably 'South Park'
featuring those bratty children.

Oh, and I must also mention 'CSI-Special Victims Unit' with those two
lying, no-good police officers, Elliot Stabler and his partner Olivia
Benson. They are always getting into some trouble or another it seems,
as we might expect with the sterling good-as-gold reputation of the
New York PD. In one of tonight's adventures, Olivia and Elliot are
telling one of their prisoners, "If you want us to help you, then help
us." The prisoner replies, "You mean like you helped Abner Louima by
sodomizing him with that plunger handle?" Elliot flinches when he
hears that comment. _Of course_ the prisoner refuses to talk further
to either of the two clowns without having his attorney present. Those
two are such a barrel of laughs, and quite inspirational, several
times daily on USA Network. I guess you may have heard that at the
end of season eight, all four of them get canned along with their
captain, by the NY police internal investigations board, which Elliot
and Olivia and Officer Munch and Ice-T refer to as the 'rat squad',
"because they are always making trouble for us good police officers"..

Say, Linc, do you know how to tell the difference on USA Network
between a regular programming day and a CSI-SVU 'marathon' like they
had last weekend? Well, if it is a 'marathon' then it is at least a
couple dozen CSI-SVU shows back to back, hours on end; they alternate
with a couple of would-be pedophile episodes, then a rape or two, and
some other kinky crap such as a gay guy who they accuse of being a
cannibal, but all straight SVU. If it is a regular programming day, then
they only run three or four CSI-SVU shows in a row, take a break for
CSI-Criminal Intent; (another goofball detective and his hilarious
sidekick), and then go back to three or four more SVU programs.

And don't forget the good folks at MSNBC: Their thing now at night
seems to be alternating between their boy with the hidden cameras and
the Perverted Justice group of vigilantes and the documentary they
frequently play on life in the Los Angeles County Jail. I would give
up my cable entirely if it were not that I want internet connections
and NPR out of Tulsa (KOSU) comes in a lot better with the cable
connected to the radio also. PAT]

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