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Re: Voicemail Messages Get BUZzed

Rick Merrill (
Thu, 31 May 2007 07:18:14 -0400

Mr Joseph Singer wrote:

> communicationsdirect
> <> pointed to this
> article:


>> Sure, your mobile phone has a unique, personal ringtone. But what
>> does your phone's voicemail message sound like? BUZ Interactive
>> is betting there's a lot of people who think that a musical,
>> personalized voicemail message is a great idea. That's why the
>> Palo Alto, Calif.-based company is offering GETaBUZ, a new way to

> Maybe I'm turning into an old fart, but I'm getting severely annoyed
> with the "need" to fix something that ain't broken. "Personalizing"
> voicemail with someone else's music is just another way to annoy
> people who are calling you. It's very likely that this "special"
> music which you like a lot others may not be so crazy for. Another in
> the same vein of annoyance is the service where you call someone's
> number and instead of the familiar ringback tone you get the person's
> choice of music blaring in your ear until such time as they decide to
> answer. We know the reason for these services ... to make a buck.

You can find your "mute" button?

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