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Re: Make a Passive Cell Phone Repeater?

John Mayson (
Thu, 17 May 2007 15:09:40 -0500

mc wrote:

> Has anyone successfully homemade a passive repeater for cell phones?
> It ought to be simple -- just an antenna inside the shielded area
> (which in my case is part of my house that has foil insulation) cabled
> to an antenna just like it on the outside.

> Any leads?

I did something like this for a 900 MHz cordless phone. I had one
inside my cubicle at work in my "flipper". Since it was surrounded by
metal on 5 of 6 sides, I didn't get very much range. I simply wrapped
wire around the antenna of the base and ran it outside of my "flipper"
with about 3 or 4 inches sticking out. I could use my cordless phone
anywhere on our large manufacturing floor.

Remember, most cell phones operate around 1900 MHz. You can't use
just plain old twisted pair wire or television coax if you plan on
having any length to your feedline. Have you considered buying a
suction-cup antenna they sell for automobile windshields and sticking
that to a window and connecting your phone to it? It wouldn't allow
you to walk around your house with your cell phone, but it'd be much

Something else to consider. Do you get any sort of signal outside of
your house? I switched providers recently and noticed I have very low
signal in my house. I suspected something like foil-lined insulation,
but even outside of my house I have no signal. A passive repeater
wouldn't help.

John Mayson <>
Austin, Texas, USA

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