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Re: Cingular, AT&T ?

Steven Lichter (
Wed, 09 May 2007 23:39:56 GMT

Mike Z wrote:

> PAT: Please do NOT display my email address!

> Steven Sobol wrote:

>> Cingular has never been an independent company. It was formed by a
>> joint venture of SBC and BellSouth. Both companies have been bought
>> by AT&T, and Cingular's been re-branded. Again.

> Patrick Townson wrote:

>> Although Cingular was never an independent company, I think its
>> roots were in the old Southwestern Bell Mobility in the 1980's.

> Cingular was formed in 2000 by the joint venture of SBC Mobility
> and BellSouth Mobility. It has its roots in BOTH SBC (or Southwestern
> Bell), and BellSouth, as well as having taken over licenses of other
> cellcos over the years, such as much of the "old" AT&T Wireless.

> The year-2000 arrangement was that SBC owned 60% of Cingular Wireless
> and BellSouth owned 40%. The HQ were in Atlanta, which was also the
> HQ of BellSouth.

> SBC, which dates back to Southwestern Bell, but had also bought out
> Pacific Telesis (California's Pacific Bell and Nevada Bell), Ameritech
> in the Midwest, and SNET of Connecticut ... bought out its pre-1984
> parent company, AT&T, the one-time parent company of the entire
> Bell System, and changed its own name to "lower case" at&t, as well as
> changing AT&T Long Distance to "lower case" at&t. This all took
> effect in late 2005 officially, and began to become publicly visable
> with early 2006.

> Effective with the beginning of 2007, SBC's at&t finally buys out
> BellSouth, after getting the go-ahead from both federal regulatory
> agencies and the regulatory entities of numerous states. This now
> means that Cingular Wireless is 100% owned by SBC's at&t, and as such,
> even the Cingular name is being changed "back", but now to "lower
> case", at&t.

Part of Cingular also includes old LA Cellular and parts of the old GTE
Mobility in some states like Washington and Oregon, this was part of the
merger between HellAtlantic and GTE.

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