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Re: Foreign Listings for Residences
3 May 2007 07:41:41 -0700

On May 2, 4:41 pm, Mark Atwood <> wrote:

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: They can take the order from the ILEC
> provided ILEC has a *signed* letter of agency from the
> customer. Reason for this is too many unscrupulous ILECs were claiming
> customer wanted features A, B, C, and D on their line when in fact
> customer had earlier told the telemarketer no such thing. PAT]

Good point.

Why should I, as a regular customer, be forced to pay for the costs of
fraud control or even make up the lost fraud money? That's exactly
what is happening.

In real-life competition, a business chooses its partners. Part of
that choice is ensuring that partner has the resources and integrity
to handle its end. But in the make-believe post-divesture world,
we're so out to "get" the Bell companies, we let anyone in, let them
switch our long distance and local carriers fraudently, let them steal
our money, etc. If normal tests of capitalization, credit, and
integrity were applied, these new companies wouldn't see the light of
day. But then the "evil" old Bell Companies would charge their so-
called "inflated" rates.

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