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Re: Foreign Directory Listings

Wed, 2 May 2007 15:57:13 -0500

TELECOM Digest Editor noted in response to Fred:

> You appended comments following my rebuttal to Fred in which you
> said, in part "Much of it has been automated of course, like your
> ILEC directory interface thing."

Actually, Fred referred to it in one of his rebuttals in which he
mentioned LSR or electronic bonding. Both are a part of the systems
support (OSS) that all RBOCs had to establish to support the CLECs
following the passage and implementation of the Telecommunications Act
of 1996.

The entire directory process had to be modified as well at that time.
If you look in the front of virtually any directory today you will
find the more or less traditional pages regarding service,
emergencies, areas served, etc. However, since 1998 or so you will
also find service pages from any CLEC which desires to have its
contact information included in the directory. Further, the Act
requires that the ILEC accept listings from the CLECs for inclusion in
both the white and yellow pages as appropriate.

So -- the processes are there, the legalities are a non-issue, and the
listings could be handled smoothly. If the VoIP provider desires to
interface with the ILEC for directory listings, all they have to do is
establish the connection to the ILEC. Why they do not do so is that
they probably do not wish to pay the costs involved, since their
business model is to generally avoid costs, fees, and taxes which are
associated with or assessed by the wireline service providers.

BTW, Foreign Directory Listings were always a headache, even before
the divestiture of the Bell System in 1984. We had specialists in
Pacific Telephone who handled those requests but much of that
expertise was lost in the 1984-86 time period as work groups were
disbanded and reformed, people left the business, staff support groups
were disbanded, etc.

Bill Hendley

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In article <>,

> Fred Atkinson <> wrote:

>> AT&T used to do what it pleased all the time. Do you remember the
>> result of that?

> Good phone service and Bell Labs.

> TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Touche! and all that ... But the main
> trouble with that was Bell *tried* to have good PR but in fact they
> sucked at it. Remember, the entire divestiture thing succeeded in
> large part because Judge Harold Greene lost ten cents in a nasty,
> smelly, urinated-on, busted-up, graffiti-ridden payphone booth and the
> operator sassed at him and condescended to him about getting a refund
> when the phone did not 'work right'. Greene was *so annoyed* by that
> incident he swore that he would bust up Bell no matter what. Only a
> short time later, two of the Justice Department flunkies who knew
> about Greene's experience and his pre-disposition toward Bell told
> their bosses they knew of the 'perfect judge' to do their
> bidding. Justice, you see, was waiting for the right judge at the
> right time; they did not like Bell that much either. I dare say that
> had Bell been a bit more diligent in PR efforts during the late 1970's
> and early 1980's they might still be around. Maybe, I am not sure. PAT]

No doubt that DOJ shopped the judge. It's still done all the time.

I didn't know that about Greene though, that's too funny. So because
this jackass couldn't let go of a dime we all get to pay higher phone
costs. Is he still alive? Maybe we should sentence him to a hell of
dirty, broken phones and high phone bills for his remaining days.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: No, Greene died a few years ago. Greene
and his ten-cent coin which he did not want to give up were only a
small, and perhaps insignificant part of the divestiture. PAT]

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