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Re: Cellphone for 3 Week London/Germany Trip?

John Levine (
23 Apr 2007 04:40:47 -0000

> I don't want to deal with eBay at any time; once I get to the UK, I
> don't want to have to "drop by a Carphone Warehouse" (I want to head
> straight to my hotel and crash!); and so on.

If price is no object, there are companies that will sell you a GSM
phone with European SIMs and ship them to you in the US, but it will
cost you about three times the cost of doing it the normal way.

Buying a prepaid phone or a SIM in Europe is not a big deal. I was on
my way from North America to Ireland, changing planes in London two
days ago. My old SIM had expired, and I wanted one that could roam
into Ireland, so while I was out having lunch with a friend, I stopped
into one if the dozen mobile phone stores we walked past and got a
T-Mobile prepaid SIM for 11 pounds, with the entire transaction from
walking into the store to having the phone active taking about five

Any mobile phone store will sell you a prepaid phone with a SIM, too.
It's not a cheap as ebay, but it's cheaper than buying a euro phone by
mail order here and you can see what you're getting.



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