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Re: Cellphone for 3 Week London/Germany Trip?

Sat, 21 Apr 2007 12:32:48 -0700

In article <>, John Levine
<> wrote:

> Look for a used unlocked GSM phone on eBbay . . .

> Once you get to the UK, drop by any Carphone Warehouse and get a
> prepaid Mobile World SIM ...

> In Germany you should be able to get a prepaid SIM kit from Vodafone
> or T-Mobile at a newsstand for 20 euros ...

Thanks for this and another similar reply, but is there really no
simpler "one-stop-shopping" way to purchase or rent -- maybe on line,
maybe at a local cellphone store at home, maybe at a store in the
shopping area of the major international terminal on departure (SFO)
or on arrival (LHR) -- a throwaway (or returnable) cellphone that
"works straight out of the box" to use for 3 to 4 weeks of local use
in the UK or Germany?

I don't want to deal with eBay at any time; once I get to the UK, I
don't want to have to "drop by a Carphone Warehouse" (I want to head
straight to my hotel and crash!); and so on.

Maybe there's an idea for a new business here ... ?

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