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Re: A Stay of Execution Possible for Vonage
4 Apr 2007 19:58:40 -0700

Marguerite Reardon wrote:

Thanks for your post.

> Vonage. The company, which has yet to turn a profit ...

That's very interesting. Let's be clear that this state of affairs --
no profit -- has nothing to do with the current patent litigation; it
was the situation all along.

I can't help but suspect that some here believe it's all big bad
Verizon's fault. But it's not.

> Meanwhile, Vonage is facing stiff competition from cable operators
> that are bundling voice services similar in price and functions to
> its own service. Competition is also increasing from Internet
> companies like Skype, Google and Yahoo that are offering IP
> telephony services.

Again, very interesting. I got the impression that some posters here
think "competition" doesn't really exist in telecommunications, that
the old Bell companies just run everything the way they used to, and
newcomers don't have a chance. But we see that the marketplace is
full of players. Let me point out that one cable player, Comcast, is
one heck of a big company with lots of resources, and upgrading its
network and marketing like crazy. Lots of people have dropped Verizon
altogether (not even a plain land line phone) and switched to Comcast
for all needs. (I personally feel Comcast is overpriced, but the
marketplace disagrees.)

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