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>> By Abdul Rahman Malik

>> As we peep in the history of Networking we will find that in 1971, the
>> researchers at the University of Hawaii developed the world's first
>> WLAN , or in full form the wireless local area network which was named
>> as ALOHAnet .The ALOHAnet was supposed to be the bi-directional or two
>> way directional star topology of the system which included seven
>> computers deployed over four islands in order to communicate with the
>> central computer on the Oahu Island without using phone lines for
>> connection or data transfer.

> ALOHAnet used amateur radio packet if I remember correctly.

Nope ... Nice to give hams credit, but this was one of those cases where the
researchers had a big head start.

Amateur radio packet networking was based on ALOHANet and later research,
with the original hardware developed by a group of hams in Vancouver, BC.

Amateur radio packet wasn't legalized by the FCC until March 1980,
about a year and a half after it was legalized in Canada in 1978.

The first US amateur radio digital repeater went online in December 1980.
(KA6M Menlo Park, Ca)

According to Wikipedia, ALOHANet ran on 413.475 and 407.350 Mhz, which
are in the portion of the UHF band allocated to the federal
government. (Hams have 420-450 Mhz).

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