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ICANN Rejects .xxx Adult-Only Sites

Reuters News Wire (
Fri, 30 Mar 2007 15:15:34 -0500

The U.S.-based Internet governing body rejected a proposal on Friday
to create an adults-only zone on the internet, or a .XXX domain.

Supporters of an .XXX domain argued it would make it easier to confine
sex sites and filter them out. Opponents argued it would make
pornography on the Internet easier to find.

The board of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
(ICANN), which manages the Internet's domain-name address system,
decided to reject the application for .XXX sites at a meeting in

"This decision was the result of very careful scrutiny and
consideration of all the arguments," Dr Vinton Cerf, chairman of
ICANN, said in a statement on the group's Web site.

"That consideration had led a majority of the board to believe that
the proposal should be rejected."

The anticipated rejection of the .XXX domain had prompted the European
Union to accuse the United States of political interference in the
Web's governance because ICANN currently reports to the U.S. Commerce

"One of our board members said today in our meeting, and I'll quote
him, that this decision wasn't a behind-the-scenes government move,"
Cerf told journalists in Lisbon.

"This issue had an enormously long debate, it's been on the table
since 2000, we've talked about it before, and today we decided to
reject it. I personally voted against the proposal."

The ICANN also announced tests on the next version of the internet
protocol (IP) manager, IPv6, had gone well and should allow the version
to come on stream soon.

"The current address space, under version IPv4, has about 4.3 billion
terminations -- it will run out eventually. The IPv6 is much larger
and should have enough IP addresses for a long time," Dr Vinton Cerf

ICANN assigns domains to Internet sites, such as the .com and .org
abbreviations used for websites.

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