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Re: "Please Enter Your ID Number" So We May Ignore it

Ron Kritzman (
Thu, 22 Mar 2007 12:05:39 -0500

I don't know why they bothered to ask for your account number if they
had no mechanism for passing the info back to the attendant. What I do
know is that at present there are very few systems capable of passing
information collected by the IVR back to the attendant. Among my
customers only one can do it. They have a switch, an IVR and a live op
system all from the same manufacturer. The IVR and the live op screens
run off the same SQL database, and there is a whole other "call
gateway" app that watches the IVR, the switch and the live ops to see
which call lands where.

If someone has an off the shelf switch, another vendor's IVR and yet
another program for the op screens, I can't imagine that they could all
work together. At least not now. Maybe some day there will be a standard
for passing info from IVR to live attendants. Looking back on my former
rants in the newsgroup over umpteen years I see that many have been
solved over time and with improvements in technology. Lets hope this is
one of those.

- Ron wrote:

> I telephoned a large business today. As usual, the answering machine
> asked me to enter my account number "for faster service". I did so.
> After the usual parade through many menus I was connected to an actual
> human being. The first thing she asked me for was my account number,
> even though I had keyed it in "for faster service"......

> ..... Anyone familiar with the programming of these 'automated'
> systems and would care to comment? Thanks.

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